Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tiritiri matangi

A few weeks ago. I went to Tiritiri Matangi. It was a great trip. It started like this, 6.00am in the morning I woke up, I was so excited. We had to go at 8am, so I had to wait a little bit, then yippee we were off! We drove to Auckland City to catch the ferry. We were going with Ashleigh King and her family of four. We got on the boat. It was a long journey to get to Tiritiri Matangi. Once we arrived we got split into groups of eight and we began our big walk up to the Lighthouse. Our tour guide was Jan who helped us to look around the island. First we saw the waterhole and it was all dried up with no wildlife to be seen. Along the way on our walk there were feeding stations where we stopped for rests and watch the birds up close having drinks. There were stitch birds, tuis, saddlebacks and my Mum's favourites: bellbirds. When we had finished the walk we stopped for lunch at the gift shop. There was a Takahae named Greg and his wife was called Cheesecake!! Greg kept wandering around tables looking for food and my brother put his sandwich too low and Greg jumped up at him! Kyle screamed and leapt on to my Dad's shoulders! By the gift shop we saw a kokako that popped out of no-where and I took lots of photos of it. It was a great day, I loved it. Did you enjoy my story?

By Abigail Low the Nature watcher!

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